Career in Tech

  • For those who want to move to middle, senior
  • Interested in working
    on high-load projects and start-ups
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Online and offline


Little experience, beginner developers


600 000 tg


  • Season 0: Bootcamp on Python

    Basic principles of software development, variables, functions, loop statements, if statements, basic algorithms and data structures.

  • Season 1: Fundamentals in C

    Learn the fundamental concepts of computer programming in C.

    Create a solid foundation for internal programming including pointers, arrays, strings, algorithms, hash data structures.

  • Season 2: Specialization

    Take an intensive bootcamp in Ruby, Javascript, Python
    Reinforce your knowledge of languages through specialization projects
    Full Stack – development of complex sites, components (MVC) and marketplaces
    Data Science – complex projects of the Kaggle level, with the study of all data management processes (collection, display and storage)
    Software Engineering – low-level programming, data structures, memory management

  • Season 3: Implementation of business cases

    Take an intensive bootcamp of Python, React JS, Rust, C++ libraries
    Front End and Back End – developing projects similar to Dropbox, Instagram, Yelp and writing your own APIs
    Data Science – complex Kaggle-level projects using Pandas, Keras, TensorFlow libraries
    Software Engineering – development of Skype analogue projects, own FTP servers, Redis Instagram, Yelp and writing own APIs

  • Season 4: Technical Interview

    Students go through over 10 technical interviews to prepare for employment.

Our students work in:

I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, should learn a computer language, because it teaches you how to think. I view computer science as a liberal art. It should be something that everyone takes.

—Steve Jobs
CEO of Apple

Our team

Amina Baikenova

Team leader

Dastan Ramazanov


Maira Aidarbekova


Dauren Baitemirov


Ruana Saduakhas



Finish the bootcamp in 3 weeks.

A visit to the co-working space is available to students in the city of Nur-Sultan who have passed the bootcamp and paid for the training program only according to the schedule with an electronic health passport.
The bootcamp will be held online. As the situation changes, our campus will open its doors in the city of Nur-Sultan on the basis of BCPD, located on the territory of Expo 2017, in the heart of financial and digital technologies.
Students can study online, they do not have to visit the office, but if you have distractions and need concentration, write to info@qwant.kz.

There are no restriction to attempt to pass the bootcamp.

Unfortunately, there are no grants, but a 30% discount is provided for the best students who completed the bootcamp in 2 weeks.
For working IT professionals who want to improve their skills in only one direction, we recommend Upskill program.

It all depends on the competition. There is no fixed number of places.

To apply, you need to: fill out the form and go through the bootcamp: Preseason Web.

Age limit 16+, knowledge of English not lower than Intermediate level, stable Internet with a video camera, devoting time from 15-20 hours a week, programming experience is welcome.

For those who have minimal experience and working professionals who want to improve their knowledge in only one direction, we recommend participating in the Upskill program. The Reactor program is designed for beginners with no experience or knowledge of the basics of programming.

There are no teachers or lectures in QWANT. The process is built according to the method of active learning, where the working environment is transferred to the educational one, and students find answers on their own and solve projects together. Learning takes the form of deep immersion in programming languages.
You open a separate account on the cloud platform, a repository of your projects and a discussion forum for working with students from other countries.

The program is 6 months long.

The course of study is 600,000 tenge.

Together with homework, studying takes about 20 hours a week. If you can work and study in such conditions, there are no restrictions on our part.

At the end of the training, you will receive a certificate of completion from Qwasar Silicon Valley and Bureau of Continuing Professional Development AIFC, as well as a transcript with verification in Linkedin.

At the end of the training, you are automatically enrolled in the talent pool of the AIFC Bureau, where your resume will be available to companies in the AIFC jurisdiction. For the best students, Qwasar Silicon Valley helps with job placements in US technology and start-up companies.

Filing an application

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