Get a grant to the QWANT programming school

Silicon Valley Certified Programming School


QWANT Values

An effective learning format

  • Education is available from anywhere in the world in an online format
  • Peer-to-peer active learning methodology
  • No teachers, grades or exams
  • Ongoing mentor's support


  • 90% of alumni are employed
  • At the end of the course, the student has a portfolio with real projects
  • Preparing for a technical interview with top Silicon Valley experts

Unique Opportunities

  • Solving real cases of Silicon Valley developers
  • Fully practice-oriented training
  • Experience exchange with leading developers
  • Access to the closed student community (3000+ people)


QWANT provides three training programs:

1. CDTO — Chief Digital Transformation Officer
2. Programming courses with mentoring in the Kazakh language
3. Programming courses with mentoring in the Russian language

  • Junior Web developer on Ruby
  • Junior Web developer on JavaScript
  • Junior Web developer on Python
  • Junior Data Scientist
  • Junior Software Engineer
  • Web developer on Java PRO
  • Web developer on React JavaScript PRO
  • Software Engineer C++ PRO
  • Software Engineer Rust PRO
  • Cloud Engineer PRO
  • Machine Learning PRO

Conditions of education

  • Duration of training: from 6 months

  • Format: online

  • Requirements: willingness to devote at least 20 hours per week. English level: Pre-Intermediate and above

  • Age: 18-45 years old. Citizenship of RK

  • Selection: CV or social media post on the topic: “Why should I get a grant from the QWANT programming school”


Fill out the form for participation in the competition for grants from QWANT, having read the conditions

Date of birth
Upload CV (.pdf format)
*A post on social networks increases your chances of getting a grant, the post can be both in text and video format on the social network Instagram or Facebook and be accompanied by the hashtag #QWANT_grants


Ayazhan Kadesova

I learned Basics during PreSeason, then I learned C, and then I did projects with teammate Erasyl, studying web-scraping, data science pipeline(Loading dataset, summarizing, visualizing., evaluating algorithms, making predictions with sckit-learn), data analysis , SQL! The projects ranged from analyzing Housing Prices to independently scraping and analyzing a government shipping website. Thanks to Qwant and mentors for the opportunity to develop skills in such an exciting format!

Mutaikhan Almubdi

In the course of my studies, I completed the programs: Season arc 01, Season arc 02. I learned valuable lessons about JAP C. During the course of the FullStack program, I completed a lot of cool, full-featured applications. Thanks to QWANT, I learned the method of good programming style, how to create my own web applications. Gained the courage to submit my resume for a job. There were several offers, one even from a company from Dublin.

Fariza Madenova

I enjoyed my experience at QWANT School's Code Foundation program. I learned the ins and outs of programming. I would like to thank Timur and Maira for showing me the way and guiding me. I wish QWANT school great success and achievements.