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QWANT is open to anyone who wants to become a full-stack developer, professional software engineer, architect, data/cloud engineer, AI/ML or data scientist. Our UpSkill program is designed to help bridge the gap between employer demands for qualified developers and your skills & experience.

QWANT offers a 12-month intensive software engineering program. World class curriculum was developed by Silicon Valley experts and covers over 800 exercises and projects. Program provides its own integrated development environment, where you can evolve “top-notch” hard coding skills on various frameworks and languages.

Project-based Learning:

Students are to complete progressively more difficult and complex software projects that build key hard skills, knowledge, and understanding, as well as soft skills such as problem-solving and creativity.

Peer Code Review:

No class, no teachers means it is the coders themselves who are in charge of their development. To progress on their projects, they must rely on the strength of the group, give and receive information, be corrective and corrected in turn.

Practice & Repetition:

Confidence as a software engineer is directly related to what you’re capable of and what you know you can do, which is why practice and repetition are important.


IT leaders from Kazakhstan and Silicon Valley will provide support for students and guide through projects. Our community is readily accessible and prepared to offer help as the need arises


Want to upgrade your coding skills?
Motivated to work >20 hours a week full-time?

QWANT offers a 12-month full-time Reactor Program to every coder who wants to reach new heights in the digital world and be the tech leader of the future.



Sing up and fill out the form in our website



Pass our test to be invited for the Preseason



Get through an intensive 14 day of coding Preseason


Education in Qwant costs 45K tenge per month. Discounts are possible after successful completion of Preseason

Training will be held online. As situation changes we will be opening our campus in Nur-Sultan at the BCPD: University of the Future, in the territory of Expo 2017, the heart of financial and digital technologies.

You will pass through a powerful Upskill program that will upgrade your coding skills to the benchmarks of Silicon Valley in the shortest possible time, as well as practical experience in project management necessary for employment.

The AIFC BCPD is aimed at creating, supporting and promoting professionals and will support the employment of school graduates into leading companies.

Fill out the online application on the website, pass the entrance test on the HackerRank platform, and according to these steps QWANT will invite you to an interview.

Applications for the first cohort are open until April 4, 2020, 23:59 Nur-Sultan time. Students are advised to apply as early as possible due to high competition for places.

Our ideal candidate is strong in STEM (science, technologies, engineering and mathematics), familiar with programming languages, and most importantly, is motivated to learn and work on projects. The selection process is based on these parameters.

There are no teachers or lectures at QWANT. The program is built on the methodology of active learning, where the working environment is transferred to the class, and students find answers on their own and solve projects together. Learning takes the form of deep immersion into programming languages.

The first program is held in an intensive program format and lasts 6 months.

The program focuses on the development of your coding skills in the following areas: Coding Fundamentals, Web Development, Mobile & App Development, AI & Machine Learning. You will learn to use the IDE of the platform to deep dive in programming languages.

Yes, we are offering our program online and free of charge! Building high-end skills requires commitment and passion, that what we wait from our students.

The program is intensive, and requires at least 40 hours a week, so it will be difficult to combine with work and study.

Our graduates will receive a non-state certificate of completion of the QWANT School on the basis of BCPD and a certificate from our partner from Silicon Valley QWASAR.



Kairat Kelimbetov, AIFC Governor


Yernur Rysmagambetov
Chairman of the Management Board

CEO AIFC Authority. He is in charge of business development, educational programs and human resource management. Previously, Mr. Rysmagambetov was senior officer at analytical departments of JP Morgan Chase investment bank and in the investment company Wilshire Associates, Inc. Mr. Rysmagambetov is a graduate of the California Institute of Technology and University College London, a certified financial analyst (CFA Charterholder).

Kwame Yamgnane
CEO Qwasar Silicon Valley

Kwame is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder based in Berkley, CA. Prior to founding Qwasar, Kwame was the co-founder and Managing Director of 42 Silicon Valley and co-founder of 42 in Paris. 42 is a computer programming school that reached international acclaim. Kwame opened both campuses and helped 12 other campuses around the world.

Gaetan Juvin
CTO Qwasar Silicon Valley

Gaetan is also a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Qwasar. He has an extensive background in software engineering, learning science, business, AI, and management. He co-founded an AI startup that was bought by SAP in 2018 and was the first employee of 42 in Paris as well as the founding team of 42 Silicon Valley.


Dastan Ramazanov
QWANT Supervisor
Elmira Obry
Beibarys Umirbayev
QWANT Project Leader
Merey Makhanova
QWANT Supervisor


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