Please read carefully the Consent for Processing Personal Data

Consent for personal data processing

In order to comply with the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Personal Data and Its Protection” Applicant/Student/Participant gives consent to: Bureau for Continuing Professional Development Limited, located at Mangilik El 55/23 Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000 (hereinafter – «BCPD Ltd») permission for collection (including from third parties), processing, usage, storage of personal data recorded in soft and hard copy, and (or) other physical storage media which may contain (including, but not limited to):

1. Basic information

Full name, transcription of the name and surname.
Information about change of the name, surname and patronym.
Birth information: place of birth, date of birth, nationality, sex.
Data on citizenship.
Information on Identity Document: type of the document; name of the document; number of the document; issue date of the document; validity of the document; issuing authority.
Individual Identification Number (IIN).
Portrait image.

2. Information about education

Information about education, qualification and expertise or special training.
Series, number, issue date of diploma, certificate, general diploma or any other document certifying graduation from educational institution; name and location of educational institution.
Academic degree; academic title.
Foreign language skills.

3. Contact details

Phone numbers: home phone number, cell phone number and additional contact number in case of emergency.
E-mail addresses.
Residence address, address reference.
Hereby I give my consent to the BCPD Ltd to process and use my personal data for the purposes stated above.
Hereby I give my consent for use of personal data within the scope of functional activities of information of the BCPD Ltd.
This Consent becomes effective on the date of registration.