Get extensive knowledge of languages and development, and apply engineering principles in one of three fields: Full Stack, Data Science or Software Engineering.
Pre-Season (2-3 weeks) Season 1 (4-5 weeks) Season 2 (2-3 months) Season 3 (2-3 months)
Basic software engineering principles, variables, functions, loop statements, if statements, basic algorithms and data structures. Cover fundamental computer programming concepts and learn the basics of C. Build a solid foundation in back-end programming including pointers, arrays, strings, algorithms and more. Learners advance to one of three available tracks:
FullStack - Front-end and back-end tools using Ruby language and SQL database;
Data Science - The fundamentals of machine learning on Python;
Software Engineering - more in-depth C programming covering intermediate data structures and algorithms.
Students dive deeper into Front-end development on ReactJS, Back-end development using AWS cloud service, Data Engineering deeper understanding of work with complex data sets, Software Engineering with C++ or Rust development.
Javascript IDE Terminal C IDE Assembly C, Ruby, Python, SQL, Shell ReactJS, AWS, C++, Rust & OOP
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